The Slot Card Guide:

A Comprehensive Worldwide Guide and Checklist

For all Modern Casino Slot Cards (1982-2020)

By Robert Baker, Pat Lamb and Steve Wells



Free to download with new releases every 3 months!

Latest version:  18.3 edition finalized Oct 2023 with over 25,525 cards listed!

(Latest updates are marked in GREEN throughout this edition)

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Click Here for the "Mississippi Casino Slot Cards, An Illustrated Guide"

by Jim Munding & Bob Gable, from 2004

Click Here for "The Book of Casino Room Keys"

by Jim Munding, from 2003

(Both Jim Munding books are made available with explicit permission from Jim Munding)


Click Here for "Hard Rock Room Keys & Slot Cards"

by Allan Anderson, Copyright 2007-2023

(This file is made available with explicit permission from Allan Anderson)


Below are files from my Slot Card Collecting seminar at the 2021 CCA Convention

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This guide was originally published by Steve Wells and maintained by Pat Lamb for many years. I took over  support for the guide in 2010 after Pat retired from collecting, publishing my first edition in 2011. I've attempted to keep the guide up to date since then as best I can with support from countless other collectors and it is constantly growing and evolving! The guide includes listings for every known casino slot card worldwide. These cards are primarily used to track customer play on slot machines although many casinos use their slot cards to also track play at the gaming tables. Occasionally, cards are issued for racebooks, sportsbooks, cruise ships, bingo, etc.

Starting with the 10th edition, the Slot Card Guide was totally reorganized and many new features were added. All US casinos are now listed alphabetically by casino name within each state, with all casino types combined. Normal land based casinos, riverboats, Indian casinos, racetracks and card rooms are all listed together instead of in separate sections as in the past. The casino type is indicated in the casino listing if it is anything other than a normal land based casino. The original Cruise Ship section still remains while all the other sections were combined. The Cruise Ship ID cards have their own numbering (CSxx) so they are listed separately from true onboard casino type cards that are still shown with the normal issue numbers. Canadian cards are listed alphabetically by Province in a separate Canada section, with all casino types combined. The Table of Contents lists all the states, provinces and countries in each section so it's easy to find things. And in the Microsoft Word file the page number for each section in the Table of Contents is a hot link you can click on to jump to that page.

Each card listing includes the major colors, a brief description with possible notes to expand on the basic details, information on any manufacturer mark, an estimated rarity and valuation plus the corresponding 6-digit CG# from when the card was added on the ChipGuide website. For any cards that could not be included on the ChipGuide website for whatever reason, a special SCG# is listed for those cards. The card descriptions are all text, but the CG#s and SCG#'s are hot links that when clicked on will bring up the corresponding images of the front and back of each card in your web browser. Additionally, all the casino names, states, provinces and countries are all hot links that will display the corresponding information from the ChipGuide website. Click on any casino name and see all the items cataloged for that casino. Click on the state, province or country and see a list of all the casinos in that area. The images for any cards that couldn't be listed on the ChipGuide are provided from the website via the SCG# links.

The original printed guide was released every two years but with all the frequent additions and changes, plus the added links to the images on the ChipGuide website, new releases are being added on this website every three months. So you'll be able to download the latest edition whenever you want to upgrade, on your own schedule. Older editions will be kept online for reference moving forward. Additionally, all changes and additions in each release throughout the year will appear in different colors so they are easily identified. The colored changes will revert back to normal black text at the start of a new year and new changes made during that year will be marked in the same colors as the previous year. So each release during the year will have the cumulative changes marked in different colors and the process will start over the following year.

There are a number of cross references throughout the guide to help direct users to the correct entries where there are multiple locations, name changes, etc. These cross references appear throughout the listings and in the index. Many cards listed in multiple places in the older guides were moved to the Universal Slot Card section and listed in a single place under the casino management group that operated the casinos using those cards.

Check the 'Important Notes For This Edition' near the front of the guide where any major changes made throughout the guide will be noted in each release. The notes will be color coded the same as the changes in each release so it's easier to see what changed when. A new list of notes will be started with each major release at the beginning of the year.

The main file is a Microsoft Word file that requires using the PRINT VIEW within Word to properly view the  formatted pages. An Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) version of the guide is also available if you'd rather use that format or if you want to print your own book. You can take that file to Staples and they can make a printed copy with spiral binding for around $40. Note that the hot links are also included in the Acrobat version starting with the 11.1 release. If you are going to print a copy you might want to change all the colored text back to black so it's easier to read if you don't need the changes marked.

The Microsoft Word document is the newer .DOCX format for Microsoft Word 2007 or later that results in a much smaller file size with additional features. Older versions of Word require the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack to open the newer file. The Adobe Acrobat version includes all the hotlinks that were previously only available in the Word version and both versions now have the document navigation information setup and available.

If you see a slot card that is not listed in the guide, have the missing scans for a card listed on the ChipGuide website, or you have any questions - please contact me via email at:

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Remember that a portion of all donations received are being shared with David Spragg to help support the SlotCardBBS!!

For any casinos reading about the Slot Card Guide, any information about your slot cards past or present would be greatly appreciated. And any sample cards you can provide so that we can get scans included on the ChipGuide website would be especially helpful and greatly appreciated.

Robert Baker

20 Ferro Drive

Sewell, NJ 08080 USA


By the way, if you're looking for any particular slot cards

you might want to check my other website at where I have

a special version of the latest Slot Card Guide that has all my cards available for sale

now that I've decided to retire from collecting and sell off my entire collection.

There are over 300,000 cards available along with all  sorts of other casino collectibles.


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